Dark Hair

Dark Hair – 250+ Image Ideas

Honey Vanilla Balayage for Dark Hair

HoneyVanilla highlights for dark hair

Hair Color Credit: @jennyfotografiebeauty

Get your Victoria’s Secret on with this gorgeous balayage hair color. It combines soft tones of honey and creamy vanilla for a result that’s straight off the beaches of Rio De Janeiro. To prevent this hair color from developing unwanted warm tones, use a blue-toned shampoo and conditioner once or twice a week.

Caramel and Cream Balayage Highlights for Dark Hair

Caramel Drizzle highlights for dark hair

Hair Color Credit: @cristen_smith

Shades of caramel and cream blend beautifully as highlights for dark hair. Your natural dark hair color gives the look depth and dimension at the roots, and the highlights gradually become lighter as they progress to the ends for a natural, sun-kissed effect.

Navy Blue and Cobalt Highlights for Dark Hair

Navy Blue highlights for dark hair

Hair Color Credit: @ambrosiacarey

A dark denim base hair color highlighted with cobalt blue streaks is a creative way to highlight dark hair. Blue tones are flattering for most complexions, and they put a trendy spin on a traditional approach to highlighting hair.

Cayenne Highlights for Dark Hair

Cayenne highlights for dark hair

Hair Color Credit: @_hannniie

If you like your hair color spicy, these peppery highlights are for you! “There’s a shade of red for every woman,” says Matrix Artistic Director Robert Santana, and these highlights prove his point!

Orchid Halo Highlights for Dark Hair

Orchid Halo highlights for dark hair

Hair Color Credit: @kristinacheeseman

This season, hairstylists are thinking outside the box when it comes to highlighting dark hair. For example, consider this horizontal design that creates a halo effect on top with orchid hair color that melts into shades of light and dark chambray. Stunning!

Chocolate Glaze Highlights for Dark Hair

Chocolate Glaze highlights for dark hair

Hair Color Credit: @sydneyannlopezhair

When it comes to these rich hair highlights, it’s all about the shine! And that’s the pro secret to successful highlights on dark hair—be sure the hair always gleams, and it will look its best. Try working a hair treatment oil into your hair before bed at night for extra moisture and nourishment.

Iced Latte Highlights for Dark Hair

Iced Latte highlights for dark hair

Hair Color Credit: @frances_hairartist

You don’t need very many highlights in dark hair if they’re placed in the right spots. “I like to concentrate highlights off of the part and around the face,” says Matrix Celebrity Stylist George Papanikolas. “That’s where you get the most impact without the need to lighten loads of hair.”

Cinnamon Shot Balayage Highlights for Dark Hair

Cinnamon-Shots highlights for dark hair

Hair Color Credit: @curtiscolorshair

Flickers of warm copper color are perfection in dark hair, especially if you have a warm complexion and green or hazel eyes. With the brightest, lightest color placed on the ends, dark hair becomes light and airy looking.

Cream Soda Highlights for Dark Hair

Cream Soda highlights for dark hair

Hair Color Credit: @coryhoffmanhair

This high-contrast hair color works beautifully because all of the shades—from roots to ends—are cool-toned. “When lightening dark hair to a blonde shade, I always add a hair bond rebuilder like Matrix Bond Ultim8,” says Matrix Artistic Director Michelle O’Connor. “It protects the hair from damage and restores the structural bonds that are broken during the process.”

Pink Steel Ombré on Dark Hair

Pink-Steel highlights for dark hair

Hair Color Credit: @sydneyannlopezhair

What’s trendier than rose gold highlights? How about this stainless-steel pink ombré? For pastel and metallic shades to be as clear as possible, says Michelle, your stylist may have to lighten your hair several times, so be prepared to spend several hours in the salon to get the perfect color you’re looking for!

Deep Copper Highlights for Dark Hair

Deep Copper highlights for dark hair

Hair Color Credit: @tonixbatham

Copper + curls? Yes please! Carefully-placed spicy highlights bring dark curly hair to life. When highlighting curls, your stylist should hand-paint color onto your hair and follow the curve of each curl for the prettiest results.

Desert Sunset Highlights for Dark Hair

Desert Sunset highlights for dark hair

Hair Color Credit: @dilekonurtaylor

If your closet is full of zesty shades like mandarin and flamingo pink, and you’re always up for making a statement with your hair, give these highlights a try. The sunset tones contrast beautifully with the natural dark hair color, and even a simple ponytail becomes a high fashion look!

Raspberry Highlights on Dark Hair

rasbperry highlights for dark hair

Hair Color Credit: @frances_hairartist

It just takes a few raspberry-colored ribbons placed around the face to upgrade conventional, toasty highlights in dark hair. Handle pastel colors with care, suggests Michelle, by using a natural-origin shampoo that’s formulated specifically to prevent premature fading on color-treated hair.

Fuchsia Ombré for Dark Hair

Fuschia Ombre highlights for dark hair

Hair Color Credit: @msnataliejean

An all-over cabernet glaze tipped with bright fuchsia ombré creates a memorable highlight approach for dark hair. These jewel tones are beautiful with an olive complexion!

Honey Rose Balayage for Dark Hair

Honey Rose highlights for dark hair

Hair Color Credit: @southmarksouth

This is the evolution of rose gold hair color. It’s a warm, luscious combination of rich toffee brown and sparkling peach/pink highlights. Matrix pros are predicting this will be the most-requested highlight color for dark hair this season!