It’s about that time, y’all!

I thought it’d be good idea to slap some tips up on the channel real quick just as a reminder that long hair takes WORK.

It’s consistency, it’s moisture, and it’s a whole lotta praying. But you can do it if you muster up the patience.

Here’s a summary of the the tips:


1. Moisturize not only your hair, but also your scalp!
2. Properly clean your hair regularly. This helps your products do their job better when you apply them!
3. Be gentle with your hair strands! They’re relatively fragile so be careful when handling them!
4. Be consistent with washday. Set aside time weekly to shampoo, condition, deep condition, moisturize, and style.
5. Use a microfiber towel after drenching your hair.
6. Get a shower head filter! Hard water (water with high levels of minerals) gives you the worst kind of build up and makes your hair frizzy, brittle and crunchy.
7. Eat some veggies and drink some water!
8. Don’t rely on biotin supplements to “take care” of your hair. Don’t play yourself.
9. Protective style if you can! Otherwise stay moisturized and wear a silk scarf to bed!
10. Massage your scalp! Regular use of Water + Oil + Scalp massager really helps with scalp health
11. STOP BURNING YOUR HAIR WITH CHEMICALS AND HEAT. See a professional if you can’t safely process your own hair with either.
12. Patience truly is key. Reimagine haircare as self-care, where weekly you take care of something that is literally a part of you and your identity.


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