Hair Growth

OMG ! 15 Days Hair Growth Miracle Treatment | Grow Long Thicken Hair | 100% works

hey guys,
In this video i will show you 15 days hair growth miracle treatment at home to grow long thicken hair 100%working treatment for hair growth.
Most of the time, hair fall is directly related to follicle follicles get clogged due to factors such as an oily scalp,pollution,and build up of products.
The clogged follicles leaves the scalp feeling irritated,causing itching,dandruff, and hair fall.
curry leaves can effectively treat this problems,

curry leaves are rich in antioxidants that moisturise the scalp while getting rid of dead hair follicles.
they are good source of proteins and beta-carotene, both of which prevent hair loss and thinning.
the leaves are also rich in amino acids that help strengthen hair follicles and keep the healthy.


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