HALLOWEEN HAIR: big hair tutorial
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00:00 – intro/description
00:55 – “fix” workable hairspray
01:50 – “volume” heat activated volumizer
02:00 – “protect” heat protectant
02:28 – proper backcombing technique
03:28 – backcombing from the ends to fluff the hair
04:00 – backcombing the back of the hair
04:20 – straggly ends!
04:55 – “texture” fine hair paste
05:55 – GLITTER!
06:30 – pinning up ends of hair for extra craziness!
07:20 – finished look

the most important part of doing BIG HALLOWEEN HAIR is making sure that you don’t damage your hair. most people will tease the life out of the hair, causing breakage that takes a lot more than 1 night to fix. in this week’s video, we’re going to show you how to get BIG HAIR that LASTS ALL NIGHT without damaging your precious locks.

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