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Bling Bling Christmas Nails 闪闪惹人爱圣诞美甲| Pat’s Nails

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● Products Used 美甲工具:
PINNI 宝蓝微粒 (2 layers)

美甲铂银粉/银色竹节线/闪亮小水钻/PINNI 锡纸银/珍珠/银色金属小球-根据自己喜好搭配哦~

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★ More Pat’s Nails! 更多精彩美甲教程:
暖暖秋冬美甲 Fall/Winter Nails:

粉色系少女美甲 Pink Nails:

超可爱卡通形象美甲 Cartoon Figure Nails:

新年圣诞节日氛围美甲 Festival Nails:

小清新花花美甲 Flower Nails :

新手指南✔️甲油试色✔️ The Beginner‘s Guide :

■购买链接在这里/Products Link:
OPI 底胶/OPI Gel Base Coat:

PINNI 宝蓝微粒:

PINNI 加固胶/Functional Gel:

PINNI 封层/Topcat:

饰品/Nail Accessories
雪花贴纸/Snow Nails Stickers:

箔银粉/Nails Silver Flakes:

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根据“Creative Commons Attribution”许可 (
使用Kevin MacLeod创作的歌曲“Angels We Have Heard”

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