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I Get Insane Halloween Acrylic Nails (Crazy Nail Salon Experience!) … FionaFrills

SUBSCRIBE TODAY! OK. OK. This was a crazy nail experience. I went to LA to get insane Halloween acrylic nails with Halloween themed nail art. Come see how this all turned out!???

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Here is the LA nail salon:

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I think you know … I LOVE acrylic nails. Watch all my fake nail experiences:

In today’s video, I am going to LA to get crazy insane Halloween acrylic nails / nail art. This was one of my most bizarre nail salon experiences. What do you think? What do you think of the nail process? The nail art? Overall the experience turned out since my nails are insane and fit Halloween. I love acrylic nails and nail art. You can see all my acrylic nail experiences at nail salons in LA and NY. I have the link above to all those videos.

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