New Years Nails

New Years Nails – 275+ Images

23 Gorgeous New Year’s Eve Nails You Need To Try

Shine bright like a diamond accent nail.

1. Amp up a classic red mani with a painted accent nail.

Check out this tutorial to get your own clinking glasses. Cheers!

2. Or if you’re short on time, a glitter accent nail will make your look pop.

3. Black and gold are traditional New Year’s Eve colors, but you can add star embellishments to make them feel fresh.

All glitter all the time.

4. For an even simpler look, a gold mani with star accent nails is all you need.

5. Or skip traditional symbols and go for a ~party~ design as an accent nail.

Again, nothing beats black and gold!

6. Shine bright like a DIAMOND and add some rounded nail studs to your look.

Here’s a DIY tutorial for how to do your own.

7. This soft pink nail with a glitter tip is perfectly romantic for that midnight kiss.

8. For tons of sparkly details, start with a black base and create a pattern with nail tape.

You’ll need nail tape, glitter, and a bit of painting to get this look just right. But oh, will it wow!

9. Make your nails the real party girls with this confetti mani.

And this one is super simple, so long as you have the right polish!

10. And if you want to stick with the classic black and gold colors, there’s a confetti polish for that too.

11. Because you can never have enough jewels, go ahead and add a jewel accent to a nail.

12. Paint your nail white, then use nail tape to give it some geometric flair.

And by “flair,” I of course mean MORE GLITTER.

13. For something super chic and easy, do a sliding scale of black and gold.

Soooo many colors, and they’re all soooo pretty!

14. There’s no time like New Year’s to go all out with painted nail designs.

See how to paint these yourself with this tutorial.

15. You can have the clock about to strike midnight for as long as you like if you say it with nail art.

See how to nail that look here.

16. For a more natural look, this little shimmer of glitter that fades into your own nail is perfection.

Started from the bottom now we’re AWESOME.

17. Instead of sticking to traditional black and gold, ring in the new year with a bold accent color.

“Orange you glad it’s 2015?” can be your opening line. Or not. It’s just for cool people, really.

18. Or take that bold color in the form of wonderful, sparkly glitter.

A twist on the black and gold classic is just what 2015 calls for, IMO.

19. Who needs a suit and tie when you can have a suit and bow tie on your nails?

Try this tuxedo nail accent for yourself.

20. Metallic on metallic is an easy way to get maximum shine as you sip some champagne.

21. Blue and platinum is an underrated color combo that you can take full advantage of. (Plus, those tiny blue studs are oh-so-cool.)

22. And since 2015 is going to be the best year ever, ring it in on each individual nail.

See how you can get the look here.

23. And 2015 can be embellished up to!

You could even go so far as to include Roman numerals, if you’re feeling extra fancy!