Spring Nails

Spring Nails – 250+ Image Ideas

10 Beautiful Nail Art Designs with #SpringNails

We wanted to see what the biggest trends are this season in nail art. So, what better way to see what’s going on then to check Twitter! So we went ahead and did some investigating with the hashtag #SpringNails. We were certainly not disappointed. Without further adieu, here are out favorite #SpringNail looks!

Pastel Ombre

This lovely ombre color not only is a little different on each nail, but the jewels are just the icing on the cake! So cute!


Pop of Poppy

We are in love with the bright pop of red highlighted with the delightful poppy flowers showcased in the middle.


Glittery Flowers

The mix of matte purple and pastel flowers, topped off with a gold glitter nail is absolutely fabulous!


Hot Hot Pink

A hot pink alone would be a statement, but by adding the white netted pattern on one nail really brings this look up a whole level!


Flower Power

By using the same color but mixing up the designs, a dainty surround of daisies, highlighted with a bold glitter nail is feminine and oh so pretty!


Crazy for Teal

If using two beautiful colors together wasn’t enough, this also includes flowers of those same colors? Genius!


Texture Galore

Stained glass tips, glitter, AND teeny tiny jewels?! Sign us up!


Glitter Ombre

If a unicorn and a mermaid got together to do your nails, this would be the result. Love. Them. So. Bad.


Minty Swirl

A minty green, a raspberry pink, AND a lovely white swirl. Makes us wanna stop and get some soft serve.


Native American Inspiration

This bold and dark pattern is even more beautiful with the subtle pale pinks and blues that frame them. Gorgeous!

10So the next time you need some nail-spiration, we recommend a little hashtag sleuthing. Not only will you find drool-worthy nails, but you might even find some color combos that will make your look almost as fabulous as you already are.