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14 Brilliant Beach-Inspired Manis to Try This Summer

With summer in full swing, a quick jaunt to the beach is on many of our agendas. And since you’re daydreaming about a tropical getaway, why not bring along some of that ocean spirit even when you’re stuck at the office? Forget the sand and sun — these 14 beach-themed nail art ideas will put you in a summer-state-of-mind in no time! Let your newly playful mani help you escape the reality that is your desk and computer screen.

1. Color-Changing Nails: For color chameleons, Ruby Wing’s color-changing polish is a must-try. Create zany half-moon designs or alternate your nails in an assortment of vibrant hues for a mani that is anything but boring. (via Refinery29)

2. Fish Nails: You know what they say… just keep swimming. No matter how old we get, Nemo look-a-like fishies in the form of nail art never get old. (via Style Craze)

3. Watermelon Nail Art: Nothing says, “day at the beach” like juicy watermelon nails. Pair your fruity nails with a black bikini and some shades for maximum awesomeness! (via Rookie Mag)

4. Pineapple Mani: This sweet tropical mani has got us pining for pineapples. We can taste the rum-infused fruit smoothies already! (via Polish You Pretty)

4. Beach Ball Mani: Get the party started with this instant mood-lifting manicure! Playful beach balls in a fun palette of colors evoke endless summer fun. (via Divine Caroline)

6. Summer Ombré Nails: A subtle ocean-inspired mani that combines all of our favorite shades of blue-greens evokes calming blue seas and glistening sand (on the tips!). (via Top Dreamer)

7. Shark Nails: As the summer winds down, you’re going to want to flaunt these nails inspired by Shark Week. August 10th cannot come soon enough! (via Trophy Wife Nail Art)

8. Blue Tiki Manicure: While the pattern may not automatically read beach, this funky design is guaranteed to put you in beach-mode. We’re not sure which we like better: the mesmerizing blues or bold aztec design. (via Sephora Glossy)

9. Sea Turtle Nails: Snorkeling much? With this mani, you can get a glimpse of all the exotic flora and fauna at the bottom of the ocean with every email you type out. (via Polish Me, Please!)

10. Sailboat Nails: You don’t have to be a Lilly Pulitzer fan to fall in love with this preppy-inspired print. You’ll be smooth sailing in no time. (via I Like Painting My Nails)

11. Palm Tree Nails: This snazzy palm tree mani is one to watch! The combination of mint green nails, gold glitter and palm trees (!!!) is seriously too cute. (via Elle + Ish)

12. Starfish Nails: We love this easy-peasy mani that involves a white base, a touch of turquoise shimmer and painted-on starfish. (via Kelsie’s Nail Files)

13. Retro Tropical Nails: Yes, you CAN rock black nails at the beach! Part retro, part tropical, this refined mani exudes just the right amount of beachy-cool. (via Byrdie)

14. Fruit Cocktail Nail Wraps ($13): All of your favorite fruit — kiwis and strawberries and pineapples, oh my! — compiled into one beautiful manicure. Could these fruit cocktail nail wraps be any cuter? We don’t think so!