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10 Unicorn Nails That Are Truly Magical

When it comes to your beauty ritual, you may fall into two categories: the no-makeup makeup look or OTT bold styles. Whatever side you choose, you still have to consider how to paint your nails. Sometimes, you want a simple nude shade that’ll go with anything. Other times, you want to take it there with a crazy, in-your-face mani that brings back all of your childhood dreams. Cue in unicorn nails. This magical mani will make your inner Lisa Frank-lover squeal with excitement. Usually paired with rainbow-colored designs, each design is accented with a unicorn horn-shaped statement nail that’s whimsical, to say the least. Here are 10 ways you can dress up your digits.

1. Glitter: When you can’t choose one style, choose them all! This version is decked out with glitter, a unicorn horn, a unicorn cartoon and OTT gems. Seriously, it can’t get better than this.

2. Gold: Take your unicorn horn to a whole other level with gold paint. Pair it with pretty pastels to balance your mani.

3. Silver: Show off your unicorn obsession by keeping it classic when it comes to this cool press on. Opt for silver and glitter polish to make the details really stand out.

4. White: Go big or go home with a bold white unicorn horn. While it may be simple, it is definitely a statement — especially when paired with glittery, holographic nails.

5. Soft Pink: Nothing says unicorn magic quite like a pale pink mani. Let your digits shine, courtesy of gems and glitter over a matte finish.

6. All the Trends: Glitter? Check. Metallic Foil? Check. Unicorn horn with a sparkly finish? Done and done. Who says you can’t do all the trends at once?

7. Rainbow: While Lisa Frank totally dominated 2016, rainbow everything is what’s in for 2017. To mix things up, paint every unicorn swirl a different color for a unique take on this style.

8. Purple: If purple is your favorite hue, then you’re going to love these nails. Make them stand out by creating a three-dimensional design on two of your digits.

9. Ombre: Ombre will always have a special place in our hearts, and we seriously can’t get over how it looks with this horn design. Whether you have long or short nails, give this gem combo a go.

10. Blush: If you prefer to go the minimalistic route, then this one’s for you. Use a classic color (like this blush) on all of your digits, then add a single monochromatic uni-horn for a fresh take on this fun look.