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Broken or yellow nails? 7 warning signs your nails are trying to tell you!

01/8What are your nails trying to tell you?

Nails can tell a lot about a person. Well groomed up and manicured nails catch everybody’s attention but sometimes, there are some hidden warning signs lying behind the broken and unkempt nails as well. If you too suffer from broken, brittle or yellow nails, you might want to investigate further about what your body is trying to tell you. Take a look at some of the most common signs which can tell you a lot.

02/8Yellow nails

Yellow, pale nails mostly develop as people age but it can also be a side effect of excessive nail polish or acrylic nails. Some other possible causes for yellow nails include smoking, diabetes or respiratory diseases.

03/8White spots

Small, bright spots generally white in colour may be a result of external trauma, generally caused by splinters. While they usually go away on their own, some white spots may also be caused by a fungal infection which may require treatment.

04/8Pits or dents

People who often see a lot of dents on their nails may suffer from a specific type of tissue disorder like Reiter’s syndrome. These pits are dents are also sometimes caused by psoriasis.

05/8Peeling nails

Peeling nails can be very painful at times. This usually happens when the nails suffer some kind of blunt trauma, most commonly when we use our nails to open something. Using a chemically strong nail paint remover to remove polish can cause the nails to peel. If regular nail peeling is something you experience, you might want to keep a check on your iron deficiency as the lack of it causes nails to break off easily.


If you see any kind of horizontal or vertical cirles on your nail bed, accompanied by a change in your natural colour, it might be an indicative sign of a kidney disease. Additional symptoms to look out for include anxiety, fatigue, weight loss, diabetes and excessive urine output.

07/8Broken nails

Broken nails are not just unappealing to look at but they also signal the underlying health problems. Brittle nails, broken from the sides or hangnails are caused by excessively dipping hands in water or dryness which breaks down and weakens the nail bed. Other symptoms may also include tiredness, fatigue and dull skin. Hence, vitamin and biotin supplements are suggested to tackle the problem.

08/8Black patches

Dangerous of them all, black spots or dark patches can be an extreme cause of worry. If accompanied by bleeding around the nail beds and inflamed nails, a trip to the doctor’s clinic is advised as it can be an early sign of melanoma, a kind of cancer.